Consumed in service of others.

Our first project is to support Autism Association of Zagreb, Croatia, in their project of building a Community Center for Autistic Adults in Zagreb. As it is often the case, the care for adults with autism in Croatia has not been systematically dealt with. Combined with decreased level of support from their family and inability of older parents to provide adequate care to their now grownup children, this makes Association's project one that the Foundation is proud and glad to be able to support. The Association has been given a 30-year lease on an abandoned school building by the City of Zagreb with the goal of converting it to a Community Center and home for autistic adults.
With an area of 2500sqft, the center would provide housing for six adults and communal areas. The Center would also have workshops and an agricultural area on the surrounding 2 acre plot providing residents with assisted employment. Total cost of the renovation is estimated to be around $250,000 in local currency. AIC Foundation hopes to raise a substantial portion of still needed funds through our events. With our first grant in the amount of $25,000, we help the Association to build the new roof , to replace the windows and some interior work.